Release Notes for Papers 3 - version 3.3.1 (347)

New Features

  • Keep your Papers 3 library in sync using your local Wi-Fi network. Upgrade to Papers 3 for iOS version 3.3.0 to use Wi-Fi syncing between your Mac and iOS devices. Learn more on our knowledge base.

Performance & Stability

  • General: Improves app stability.
  • General: Resolves a hang on startup for some users with large numbers of papers and/or keywords in their Library.
  • Syncing: Several improvements to the reliability and performance of syncing.
  • Syncing: Significantly reduces the size of the library on disk when syncing with other devices.
  • Search: Further improvements to the stability of the IEEExplore search engine when importing papers.
  • Metadata: Opening a paper in Reader no longer causes papers written by that author to disappear from the Authors Sources view or the Papers Library search view, when searching for papers by that author until the next launch of the app.
  • Keywords: Improvements to adding a new keyword to a paper when pressing the 'Return' key.
  • Sharing: Correct date capitalization when using the "Share → Export… → Notes" function.
  • Scripting: Improves scripting support (added properties & elements, as well as some related bug fixes).
  • Scripting: A paper's citekey is no longer empty if the paper has never been exported or cited.
  • General: Updates CSL styles list.

Known Issues

  • Checking for updates is not possible when running Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan Public Beta. For more details regarding El Capitan Public Beta and Papers 3, visit our knowledge base.
  • Keywords: Duplication of some keywords may occur with user libraries that were migrated from older versions of Papers.

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