Release Notes for Papers 3 - version 3.3.0 (342) beta


  • Wi-Fi syncing is a brand new feature. As a precaution we recommend making regular backups of your library while testing this update.
  • If you are not already a member of the iOS TestFlight beta programme and would like to join, click here.
  • When using this beta build, the first sync on each device may take longer than expected. Subsequent syncs will not be effected.

Performance & Stability:

  • Keywords: Resolves a bug causing keyword duplication in certain circumstances with libraries that were migrated from older versions of Papers. Also cleans up the duplicate keywords.

Changes in the previous 3.3.0 (340) beta release:

Performance & Stability:

  • General: Improved cleanup of temporary files on disk during syncing.
  • Syncing: Improves syncing reliability.
  • Syncing: Significantly reduces the size of the library on disk when syncing with other devices.
  • Syncing: Resolves the cause of an indefinite app hang that could occur when Wi-Fi syncing in certain circumstances.
  • Syncing: Improvements to the handling of long sync status messages in Preferences.

Changes in the previous 3.3.0 (333) beta release:

New Features:

  • Keep your Papers 3 library in sync using your local Wi-Fi network. Upgrade to Papers 3 for iOS beta version 3.3.0 to use Wi-Fi syncing between your Mac and iOS devices.

Performance & Stability:

  • General: Improvements to app stability.
  • Syncing: Several improvements to the reliability and performance of syncing.
  • Metadata: Opening a paper in Reader no longer causes papers written by that author to disappear from the Authors Sources view or the Papers Library search view when searching for papers by that author until the next launch of the app.
  • Search: Further improvements to the stability of the IEEExplore search engine when importing papers.

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