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SmartCite in other platforms

- Add SC to Google docs

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Add please Smartcitation for readcube papers to Scrivener 3

I would appreciate smart cite working in manuscripts, evernote, notes (Mac), and powerpoint. 

opening smart cite to other apps (pages, keynote, manuscripts, evernote...) is crucial, otherwise I cannot leave Papers 3 behind and get on board with readcube papers

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smart cite for One Note please

Same here. I never use MS for anything. Support for mac (i.e. pages, keynote) and latex would be much appreciated.

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There are a lot of Papers & Scrivener users out there, including me. To be able to upgrade to ReadCube Papers I need to still be able to cite in Scrivener, so this feature is critical.

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I definitely support a good citation interface for Scrivner. Is there no converter out there that will scan a file and convert DOI entries to citation and compile it into a bibliography? It doesn't seem that hard to do.

Latex support would be really cool! Magic citations are very handy for every editor you use! I would love to see a linux implementation!

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Need Magic Citations for Pages on Mac OS and Evernote desktop on Mac OS.  I avoid working in Word whenever possible.

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Upping this. My first draft is rarely ever in MS word.

iAnnotate and TexPad

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Magic citations for Scrivener please!

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Magic citations / SmartCite for Scrivenner, please?!

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Yes that would be so useful!

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