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SmartCite in other platforms

- Add SC to Google docs

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Add SmartCite support to Sublime text, Ulysses

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Add please Smartcitation for readcube papers to Scrivener 3

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I would appreciate smart cite working in manuscripts, evernote, notes (Mac), and powerpoint. 

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I definitely support a good citation interface for Scrivner. Is there no converter out there that will scan a file and convert DOI entries to citation and compile it into a bibliography? It doesn't seem that hard to do.

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I add myself to the list of people, requesting this feature. Magic Citations is awesome and I do work with Scrivener. Hopefully, the desktop App of Papers will feature this again. Until then, all the great new piece of software (and I really like is so far) is of no use to me.

Will it be included?

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Same here. I never use MS for anything. Support for mac (i.e. pages, keynote) and latex would be much appreciated.

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iAnnotate and TexPad

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May sound silly, but it would be nice to see the support also in an older version of office, such as office 2013.

My university issued laptop, unfortunately, comes with that version of office.



smart cite for One Note please

Upping this. My first draft is rarely ever in MS word.

Yes that would be so useful!

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