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Merge duplicate files

(...) look for duplicate entries and merging whenever we do come across repeat entries

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Yes please, find duplicates used to be in the desktop app but doesn't seem to be available in the web version, please create a merge function

Yes, please implement that!

When importing my library from Papers3 I got around 80 duplicates... 
This is a functionality that is essential and MUST be implemented shall I start using the application.

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I experienced same except it was more like 100+ duplicates when I merged about four months ago, and have been waiting patiently for the merge function. I just had to revisit a project and have been forced to sort out about 50% which was timeconsuming and tedious. Is there an update on when we can expect the merge to come online? 

This has been implemented. The first file you select is the primary file and should have the most up to date metadata. Selecting two files and right clicking will allow you to merge them.