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Support importing meta-data from

It would be great if you would support importing meta-data from for selected papers. Or importing directly from the html page (example: instead of only from the pdf.

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Any ETA for when it gets deployed? Its not working in the webapp or chrome extension for google scholar yet

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This is critical to my use of Papers. Has the implementation not been released yet, because it doesn't appear to work in either the desktop or web apps?

I have the same question. Is it implemented in an unreleased version? At the moment, it is almost impossible to import an arXiv PDF without jumping through a number of hoops. If I have an entry with arXiv metadata already in it, the identifier provides a link to the arXiv page, but if I then click on the PDF link in the browser, the Chrome extensions provides an "Import to ReadCube Papers" button, but it creates a completely new entry with no metadata. As far as I can tell, there is no way to merge the two entries.

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Is this still not deployed? It seems like the arxiv number should make this really easy to implement. It would also be nice if there as something like an arxiv blank to fill in on the information page when trying to lookup details. One number gives most of the information about the paper. 

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Any updates on this? I'm also having trouble with metadata loading for arXiv papers, even if I manually provide the ID.

Example of the current low success rate for recent arxiv imports:

The Firefox Papers extension recognises arxiv pages, pulls the metadata, but not the pdf.

To get arxiv papers into Papers I need to add the paper to Papers from the arxiv page using the Firefox extension, then download the pdf to disk manually, then add it as a file to the article in Papers. Is this the intended way of working?

There seems to be a lot of confusion here. If you use the browser extension the "Add to Library" button will automatically add it to your library(With PDF) and fill in the needed metadata:

Again if you are missing metadata we get very little metadata from Arxiv it's self. 

Where as something like a Nature or Wiley article has data about references, figures, etc.
If you are importing the PDF manually you can always fill in the arxiv ID save and then right click and hit update details

Still not actually implemented. 

If I'm in the app, and I try to add a paper that only exists on arxiv, some significant fraction of the time, it does not find a match. Sometimes I can tweak the fields and get a match, but not always. This is crazy -- the arxiv number has all the information you need, but there is no way to actually give that information. (Yes, I know that there is not much metadata available, but at least it has the title, authors and arxiv number itself. And for published papers, there is usually much more.)

The behaviour is roughly the same with the macOS app and the web app, although the latter is slightly better. (I don't use Firefox or chrome, so I don't know if there are other solutions.)

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