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Support for titles with subscripts, superscripts, and other formatting

Title metadata does not currently maintain subscript/superscript or italicized formatting upon import, so citations inserted with SmartCite are improperly formatted and must be changed manually.

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I agree.


this is a big problem, I a a microbiologist and all bacterial names must be in italics, I am spending hours editing these when Ive imported references into my word document!

I absolutely agree with this demand. Text formatting in e.g. title are crucial for STEM papers. I need to organise a lot of papers having subscript/superscript or italicised formatting. I would appreciate it very much!

I had thousands of papers formatted correctly (titles with subscript, superscript, and italics) in Papers3. After importing all these references to Readcube papers, the formatting has been scrubbed back to default. This is unacceptable as I'm writing manuscripts and grants with 100+ references each.

I just upgraded from Papers3, in which I had thousands of titles formatted correctly for italics (species names), subscript and superscript (chemical notations), and greek symbols (math papers). I need these to be correctly formatted when I insert these references into my manuscripts, which often have 100+ references each. So far, it looks like the new Readcube Papers doesn't support either importing these citations correctly from Papers3 or even getting them formatted correctly once in Readcube Papers. I'm disappointed.

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This is so important. I will never be able to switch completely to Papers from my other citation manager until this problem is fixed. Italics for organism names, superscripts and subscripts for chemical formulas. 

I completely agree. Species names in titles in Zoology and Botany are nothing out of the ordinary and they need to be italicized. Please implement this!

This is essential in my field of physiology

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