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Interactive notes - be able to type '@username' or '@email' within a note to notify someone

One feature of Readcube that is lacking is the 'interactivity' component. When I am reading a paper within Readcube, I frequently highlight or take notes in a section and then would like to get another member of the organization's feedback or thoughts on that note/highlight. It is incredibly cumbersome for me to have to pull up my email separately, download the readcube paper and link it with specific instructions to go a certain part of the paper, or tell a college where to go in Readcube to find my note or highlight. I therefore use Readcube much less frequently than I would like since I am only using it as an archive and rarely to communicate within my team. Having the ability to type '@username' or '@email' within a note on readcube and have Readcube then send an email to that person with a link that brings them to my note within the document would be incredibly valuable. 

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