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Include additional file formats supported in the supplementary section

The current supplementary section can only import .BIB, .RIS or .PDF files. This is too limiting. Many papers published supplementary information in other formats like .docx, .xlsx., .txt, etc. Please include this function in the next update! Being able to organize the supplementary information is as important as having the main manuscript! 

Thanks a lot. 

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I must admit that I was worried about the state of Papers but with the recent announcements and progress made, this could really turn out to be a game changer!

It is crucial to have a lot of supplements available in different data file formats.  So, it would be great if you guys would generalise the handling to all kinds of data file formats!

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Having all documents from sup info in readcube would be much better than going to paper website to see what they are.

This has been a recurring issue here for us as well. - Definitely an upvote from us!

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