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Export notes to Word Processors

It would be great if notes placed on pdfs while reading could be exported to Word Processing applications such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. 

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In Papers 3 we have the option to export notes, how so we can not do it in Readcube. 

Hi, thanks for your feedback. To export a list of your Notes you can go to the web reader and download a CSV of all your notes/annotations. We will keep the suggestion of adding in MS Word/Pages on our roadmap. 

The csv export is missing an important piece of information, namely the page and line of the note. Could this be added easily?

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It's really not convenient to have it in CSV--much better as RTF

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I would like to second that the page number in the export would be extremely useful. Also, it looks like some notes are not exported consistently (most highlighted text is in quotations, but some texts are not)

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