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citation/co-author network graph

This is quite a big request, but in my opinion it would be a huge help.

A graph view of all author's in your library. Connections according to who cites who. Scale the line width/color according to number of citations. Maybe have the optional feature to also plot authors that are not in your library yet but very close in the network (recommendations).

This feature could be expanded to the authors affiliations. This way you could detect if you are currently in a self-citing bubble with your literature research. 

A graph view of all papers in your library. Connections according to citation. Maybe color-coding according to publication year. This would be great to do a forward in time literature search.

Basically use the huge amount of data that the ReadCube team has at its disposal to display really useful and unique information about your library and information in close proximity to your library.

I'd just love that!

Thanks a lot for your efforts!

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