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Ability to delete tags

Would be nice the ability to delete tags  / quickly untag multiple papers

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I was about to open a ticket for the same reason. It is easy to add tags to papers but then once you add a tag to 50 papers, it is really hard to delete them all. You have to do it one by one. 

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Same to me. I have over 1,000 papers tagged with older categories. It would be at least helpful if the tags can be deleted from multiple papers in a single click.

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Just started with Papers, and already need this!!!

This is essential. Tag implementation could be significantly improved throughout.

By clicking the gear icon to the right of a tag, you can rename and delete a tag. Either option will automatically update existing tags on all associated documents in your library. 

In Progress:

We don't currently support clearing all tags from a particular paper in one shot, but we have it on the roadmap. 

Alex, that works fine if you want to delete the tag from all papers, but I think what is being asked for is a way to bulk manage tags. What If I want to delete a tag from a number of papers that are selected, but not all papers in my library? An unrelated program that tackles this issue is Adobe Lightroom. When multiple files are selected, the cumulative list of tags is shown. Deleting a tag from that list removes it from all of the selected papers.

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