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Bibtex entry copy to clipboard

 I know that you can export a single reference to a .bib file, but it would be very useful to have a "right-click copy bibtex entry to clipboard" function.  That would make it much easier to build up a .bib file for a manuscript, entry by entry. 

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I would love to have this feature, I used it all of the time in Papers 3.

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This feature would be amazing!

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Definitely a much needed feature, above all for those that have very big libraries. Although one can create a specific collection for a paper and export the .bib file, it is very common to just build the bib file incrementally. Also, usually few corrections are needed to the bib entries to optimise the reference section, exporting all the bib at once forces to re-do the correction every time the file is exported. 

Copy-to-clipboard is the best possible solution.   

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I agree, it is a very useful feature in Papers 3.

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Very important feature. Also, maybe some preference on what to include? Right now when you export to bib file, it include the local file url. This is a bit strange to include in a bib file when collaborating w/ others. Abstract is also unnecessary. 

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Agree, very important feature.

Agreed, this is a very important feature which makes the app usable for those who use LaTeX. Also... using the DOI as the citekey is not as good as the old way in Papers 3 where the citekey was AUTHOR:YEAR + a few random characters. That makes it much easier to use and read when writing your paper in LaTeX

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Currently the DOI is used as a citekey if you don't have a citekey in the app. You can always add your own citekey by editing the metadata.

@Jacob the DOI is just not a good cite key though (the key provides no useful info on what you're citing). From a latex user's perspective, a very desirable feature is some coherent default cite key with information about the author/paper. Manually entering them is very tedious, and I don't have a clear structure for when one author has many papers from the same year, while the Papers3 app fixed all of that. (I tried to submit a feature request but it never was posted?)

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I can't believe it's not possible to just copy-paste a bibtex entry.  this was a key feature of Papers 3... so simple

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I know that it is an extremely important function that must be incorporated in the Details tab of a paper, along with the other formats that can be copied in the gear menu, or even more visible.

However, it is something that can be done in the export tab. There, you select BibTeX as a citation style and then click on the Copy icon. They are copied in a horrendous format without the indentation that we are used to, but it is copied.


Hopefully, they make it easier soon.


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You can now have citekey management in the desktop app and you can also copy a bibtex entry to your clipboard. You can also select multiple entries and export them to your clipboard as bibtex.

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