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Autogenerate BibTeX citekey

The old Papers3 app used to auto-generate citekeys for use with BibTeX. Unfortunately this feature seems to have been removed from the ReadCube Papers app. While one can manually specify the citation keys, it would be great if this was automatically handled.

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I second this. I consider citekey generation (in open formats, Bibtex) a must-have feature. The Smartcite add-on is fine for people who want to use Word, but if you want to use anything else, you're stuck. Moreover, the citekey allows one to manage the citations in a paper even without Readcube, which is good for futureproofing things. Please enable citekeys and automatic generation of citekeys. 

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I also support this feature. It was essential in Papers3 and should be included in ReadCube as well.

This is a key feature. Please add this to readcube

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