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File Management by Author Last Name

Currently, I can only sort files by author first name.  In Papers 3, I could sort by first author last name.  Adding this function would be useful as I do not always know an authors first name and locating an article is challenging. 

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More than useful. This is a key feature and should be the default view. No one searchers papers by first name!

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Actually, we can sort by last name, but it would be nice to only display the last name. It would be more easy to locate a paper instantly

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I agree, there are no settings/customisable options on how (first) author names are displayed at the moment. sometimes with full first name, sometimes just initials, it would be great to be able to choose how to sort, I personally like only surnames.

Is this a planned feature?

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V important feature to enable Last name, First Name/Initial option

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I agree too.  The option for sorting the authors by their surnames is very important.

For now, it takes quite a long time for me to locate articles.

Unless I knew the authors personally, I don't remember the authors' first names.

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same comment, by right click no possibility to change author layout with last name first.

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Please, can we have additional formats for Author names!!!

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