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"Add to Library" button implemented on wider range of websites

I'm a huge fan of the new Papers app's web extension having an "Add to Library" button integrated into many of the journal websites. However, there are some places that this button is not showing up, and it leaves me very much wishing that it could be incorporated in other places. I am sometimes able to get around this by finding the article on PubMed or Google Scholar and using that "Add to Library" button, but this is not always possible (i.e., not all articles are listed on PubMed and not all Google Scholar results have the "Add to Library" button underneath them). 

As someone who does primarily psychology/cognitive neuroscience research, the main place that I find this button lacking is on the american psychological association's APA PsycNet (e.g., this page: In addition, my university has us view articles in APA journals on the ProQuest search engine, which also does not seem to be integrated with the "Add to Library" button. Other websites I have also noticed this on include the LWW website (specifically on articles that were published before DOIs and given a DOI retroactively; example article), the IngentaConnect website (example article), the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry website [] (example article), and PsyArXiv (example article). This is by far my favorite feature of the Papers app, and extending it to cover a broader range of websites would be extremely helpful for me and the other researchers in this community.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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I agree, and also wish that this functionality could be added to EU-based OA Journals, OpenAire, and Zenodo:


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