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Need more shortcuts for the desktop apps

The app experience could be considerably improved by adding shortcuts to the following categories of tasks: navigation, annotation.

Things I can think of right now in each category:


  • Move between tabs using standard Mac key-bindings for tab shifting
  • Move between tabs using Cmd+tab_number. 
  • Go to the main view using Cmd+1 (which is tab number 1) like in legacy Papers app
  • Bind Cmd+E to edit metadata for a paper like in legacy Papers app
  • Add key bindings for various kinds of "copy-as" 
  • Add shortcuts to bring up and dismiss the menu in reading mode and facility to navigate through the menu items using tab or some other key combination

  • Keyboard shortcuts to bring up the highlight/comment/underline tools

Finally, it would be good to add a preference section where users can change these shortcuts.

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If I knew Readcube Papers was going to ditch the keyboard shortcuts for annotation, I wouldn't have upgraded. If this doesn't get resolved, I will probably cancel my subscription and use/recommend something else.

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Yes, sadly it seems that the new Papers in comparison to Papers 3 is very mouse-based, which makes workflows lengthier. I'd also appreciate a keyboard shortcut for "copy citekey to clipboard" which works both when the source is marked in the library AND from the PDF reader (this worked in Papers 3). Ideally, this would be a menu item as these can be customised via the keyboard shortcut menu on Mac. 

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Yes. I discovered this all too late. Very disappointed that the new version looks very feature stripped. Basic shortcuts are missing. This is not an iPhone game. People use these tools on desktops to save them time. The new version definitely is waisting more of my time to use than version 3. Long term users of papers would be used to lots of keyboard shortcuts at least. Please add back the features to this new version. I used to be able to program strips to open and set ups articles with a quick keyboard shortcut and applescripts. Now no more

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Almost every Mac app uses cmd+W to close a window or tab and cmd+H to hide the app. Please add to Papers for Mac :-)

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I agree, simple thinks like copy+paste (cmd+c and cmd+v) in all textfields as search and also metadata should be supported (also within the pdf).

getting really great with each update!

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Well designed keyboard shortcuts are absolutely essential, to aid a fast workflow. Please give this your highest priority. 

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Please add the standard shortcuts, and make it easy to annotate in various ways with just the keyboard. That is very important

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