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Need more shortcuts for the desktop apps

The app experience could be considerably improved by adding shortcuts to the following categories of tasks: navigation, annotation.

Things I can think of right now in each category:


  • Move between tabs using standard Mac key-bindings for tab shifting
  • Move between tabs using Cmd+tab_number. 
  • Go to the main view using Cmd+1 (which is tab number 1) like in legacy Papers app
  • Bind Cmd+E to edit metadata for a paper like in legacy Papers app
  • Add key bindings for various kinds of "copy-as" 
  • Add shortcuts to bring up and dismiss the menu in reading mode and facility to navigate through the menu items using tab or some other key combination

  • Keyboard shortcuts to bring up the highlight/comment/underline tools

Finally, it would be good to add a preference section where users can change these shortcuts.

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Please add the standard shortcuts, and make it easy to annotate in various ways with just the keyboard. That is very important

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Well designed keyboard shortcuts are absolutely essential, to aid a fast workflow. Please give this your highest priority. 

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I agree, simple thinks like copy+paste (cmd+c and cmd+v) in all textfields as search and also metadata should be supported (also within the pdf).

getting really great with each update!

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