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Automatic finding of published identifiers


When a preprint has been published in a journal, it is quite a trouble to put the correct details. However, if there is no i.e. arXiv identifier registered, you can say 'Manually Resolve' and find the published version and correct it.

The workaround I found it the following:

  1. Let's say 'paper' is added to my library with its preprint version with an arXiv identifier
  2. I click 'Edit' and remove 'ArXiv'  and save it
  3. Now 'Manually Resolve' option appears, I click it.
  4. Remove all metadata except 'title', and then click Find match
  5. Wa-la. Now you see Possible matches which includes published version. You can easily merge them.
Can you make these steps 1-2 shorter. You have already implemented Manually Resolve function. Just let us use it with any paper in our library regardless if it has an identifier or attached pdf. Could you also search it in the background with only the title show Possible matches directly? Or at least remove all metadata except the title (when you write arXiv only arXiv version is found) ? Or make the search a bit flexible.


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