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Add the Cmd-H shortcut to hide Papers on Mac

Good morning,

I think it would be definitely useful to have the Cmd-H shortcut to hide Papers on Mac OS systems (as present in essentially any other Mac app).

Many thanks,


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Good request. While adding shortcuts, could we have also one for tab-switching? 

Papers3 had it, plus a shortcut to return to the Libraray, and another one for editing.

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This is a really handy usability feature which is a fundamental feature in window management on Mac, would be great if you could support this.

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Also implement Cmd+M to minimise the window to dock

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Echoing this. It's honestly astonishing that this wasn't present in the very first version of the Mac app; I've never seen an app without this. And the fact that it hasn't been addressed in over 8 months is really discouraging because it makes me think you don't care about the Mac app at all. This feature is preventing me from moving completely over to the Readcube version from Papers3.

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I've tried to post this multiple times, but it never goes through... but the program Keyboard Maestro can be used to apply cmd-H to Papers and hide it.  It works for me.

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Thanks, Niles, for suggesting Keyboard Maestro! I am able to add keyboard shortcuts for essential window management functionality like Cmd-H (Hide) and Cmd-M (Minimize) using Keyboard Maestro 9.2 with Papers v4.23.4 on macOS 11.3.

Like Sam Rabin (see above), the fact that the Papers App does not support these keyboard shortcuts was a major reason I was sticking with Papers3 instead of upgrading to the Papers App. But after importing a reference yesterday, Papers3 now crashes constantly and is no longer usable (and is also EOL and no longer supported), so I've bitten the bullet and finally upgraded.

Agree with Sam, here…

It's disappointing that Readcube Papers doesn't support the most basic of keyboard shortcuts for Mac.

I keep checking for upgrades but the progress is very slow and I can't move from Papers 3 until this basic functionality is available.

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Yes. this is an important missing feature. Command-H to hide. Thank you

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It's really jarring to Mac users that ctrl-H does not hide the Readcube Papers app. I've never encountered this on any other app. Please fix this ASAP!

I have discovered that one can hide the app by right-clicking on the dock icon. I've never had to resort to that before, but will use it to get by with Papers.

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