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Smart Cite for other word processors?

I'd like to use even a basic version of SmartCite in Pages. Though Pages doesn't have all the features of Word, it's much faster and less buggy and I often use it for rough drafts.

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I preferentially use Pages.  Please add SmartCite to be compatible with Pages.

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YES! There should be much more support for SmartCite than just Word 2016 and Google Docs. Pages is just one example, but a great one. Other versions of Word is another, including creating a plugin that still works for Admin-managed Office accounts.

Part of this is pragmatic: why use software that's useless for such a key task? How is it reasonable to expect, given that the vast majority of researchers work in institutional settings with institution-purchased software for which they do not control Admin access, that the primary way a citation manager becomes useful to a workflow--putting citations into a document/creating a bibliography--is simply chalked up to "use MS Word online if our lack of seriousness doesn't work for you."

Which raises a deeper issue: I'm not putting original/sensitive research into MS's or Google's internally-scanned clouds. No one should--it's a major data privacy breach for human subjects research especially. By not prioritizing a wider, deeper set of offline app integrations, Readcube is actually baking-in bad data practice.

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We have added SmartCite for Citekeys which can be used with Pages. Please see here for additional information: