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Book chapters metadata

When I import a PDF of  book chapter, ReadCube Papers appears to classify it in the metadata window as a Journal Article. I can use the drop down list of Edit Metadata to change it to, say Book Chapter, but there is no such thing: only Book or Book Section: Moreover, since ReadCube Papers doesn’t automatically recognize the PDF document as a Book chapter, when I try to add manually the metadata information in the various metadata boxes, the name of those boxes is kind of confusing: ideally I would have something like Chapter title, Chapter authors, Book title, Book editors, etc. I understand that you don't presently support book chapters in this way as your main focus is on journal articles, but this would be an important new feature, esp. for researchers in the social sciences.

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How is this not getting more traction. Do people not use books anymore. Most of my library is book chapters, and even in the import from Papers 3, the new app made a mess out of those. Eight months since the first comment and not much interest for this "feature" it would seem.

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This was one of my favorite features of Papers 3 that got lost and is really important.

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Indeed. The reference handling in ReadCube Papers is definitely a downgrade from Papers3. I'm considering switching to another application because of this.

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