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Add geolocation (WGS 84 Lat-Long) meta data

It would be awesome to add geolocation/coordinates as metadata.  I would love to be able to do geospatial searches to find papers/reports/maps for specific geographic locations (WGS 84 Lat/Long).  This could include a map search by polygon similar to what can be done with the Voyager application.  It would also be awesome to generate a .kml file of references that could be used to search/visualize a reference library based on mapped location.

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We currently don't get any data like that from publishers right now. Is this just extra metadata fields that you would curate yourself? 

Yes, exactly.  These would just be extra metadata field that the user would curate.   The idea would be to have geolocation fields that could be manually populated. At a minimum, I would like to be able to add fields with a named location (State/Province, Country).  This would allow me for instance to search for all papers, maps, and reports from San Juan Province in Argentina.  Since geology is nearly always spatially constrained, this is an important piece of metadata. 

At another level, as a geoscientist, it would be extremely useful to be able to search for papers, reports, and maps by location.  You may have seen the Geofacets tool from Elsevier where you can do spatial searches of their publications.  It would be awesome to have latitude and longitude fields and the ability to export a .kml/.kmz file of all geolocated records that could be viewed in Google Earth.  

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