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Merging citations from [1][2][3][4] into [1-4] without the need to re-search the same papers and re-cite them one by one

With high number of references and several rearrangements of a document, there is often a need to rearrange the position of already inserted citations. Sometimes out of 4 sentences, each with citation, the text is re-written into 1 sentence with 4 citations ([1][2][3][4]. However, currently it is not possible to merge the collected citations (into final [1-4]), without deleting 3 of them and searching and re-citing the same 3 citations into one Smart Citation area. It would really help to add an option for OR merging separate citations which stand next to each other (as above, preferably for the whole document or at least for the selected chain of citations) OR an option to drag one citation ([1]) and drop it into some other citation ([2]) in order to make a collective citation ([1,2]). 

Thank you for creating such an innovative and organised reference manager and for all your hard work!

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