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Support for partial erasing of annotations with the Apple Pencil for the iPad app

At the moment only a full annotation block can be deleted. Can we have an eraser for partially erasing an annotation. It would be really good if that could be with the double tap to change tool thats already there in the apple pencil.

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I second this!  The standard erasing ("double tap") feature of the apple pencil works SO well, it makes much less sense to have to select an entire handwritten item to erase. Would really love it if we could erase small portions of a handwritten annotation with the apple pencil!

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Would also be nice to have an undo button in the iOS app (as there is for the desktop and web app). That makes using the Pencil (and annotations in general) much easier! Another great function would be converting handwritten to typeset text.

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Just in case others were looking for it, I couldn't figure out even how to delete "full" annotations, as referred to by the OP.  I receive the following from ReadCube support, which may be helpful:

- It is possible to delete handmade annotations from the iOS app, yes. In order to do this, the user would want to make sure the annotation button (pen with a pad icon on the top right) is switched off. It being off is the key. With that switched off, you can tap on any hand made annotation and you'll see the option to delete it. 


+1, no eraser made it hard. 

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The pen feature is borderline unusable. Integrating an undo button and eraser would be a major improvement.

Papers has lots of great features, but for me the primary appeal was the integration of hand-drawn notes. So close...

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