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iOS 3.00 app: 2 missing (but essential) features!

I'm really liking the new iOS app – it's more consistent with the desktop/web versions and has a much cleaner interface. Well done!

However, there really few productivity features, which I think are vital, but seem to be missing from this release:

  1. It's not currently possible to view all annotations in a list, as it is in the desktop/web clients. This is vital for me as a researcher, as I might want to browse or review my notes in one go, not page by page, clicking on each annotation. This is a standard feature on most PDF viewers, so really needs to be implemented as a priority, please!
  2. The PDF reader doesn't seem to remember the last page I was on when previously viewing the document. So, if I click out of the reader to check or add another citation in my Papers library and then click back, I'm back at the first page of the document. This is very frustrating and again is a standard feature on most iOS PDF-reading apps.

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