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Restoring drop down menu for open articles in the read pane

 In papers 3, when you had many articles open in the read pane, but needed to view more, you could open more articles and then navigate to those additional articles from a drop down menu that would appear (on the right of the app window).  That way, the tabs in the read pane would remain readable.  I have 16 articles open now (for a writing project), but the tabs only have 1 letter as a title, which isn't meaningful.  So I end up clicking through the tabs to find the open article I want to look at.  The drop down menu from Papers 3 allowed you to have more articles open in the read pane, and be able to quickly go to a particular article (as the tab was titled with the first author's last name, and year of pub).

(maybe I'm missing how to do this in the new papers??)


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