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list all papers in the library of an author or journal by clicking on the author/journal in the details view

When clicking on the author of a paper in my library, the app switches to the search tab with the search term "author:"xxx", looking for papers of the author, including papers that are not in the library (and often listing papers that are by a different author with the same name which  makes this function often useless). 

Instead, it would be great to have an option to list all papers with this author name in my library, simply creating the search term "author:"xxx" in the library instead of the search tab.

Likewise, it would be great if it would be possible to click on the journal of an article in the details view and trigger a "journal:xxx" search  in the library (showing all papers published in this journal in my library).

This would at least partly restore the great functionality of papers 3 that allowed to quickly see all papers in my library of a specific author or journal.

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