Upgrading from a previous version of Papers

If you are a Papers 1 for Mac or Papers2 for Mac user you are eligible for a 50% discount on Papers 3 for Mac. If you have bought Papers2 (with the serial number in the format "P2-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx") after Aug 1 2013 you're even entitled to a free upgrade. If your licence is in the format "P3-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx", then this will activate Papers 3 without the need to visit our store.

Please note that if you have a Papers 2 license, you can use it to activate Papers 3 for Windows without upgrading.

This is how you can get your Papers3 license:

Please note that you can't purchase a Papers3 upgrade within Papers2.

  • Download Papers3 from our Website if you haven't done so and give it a good try (remember, you have 30 days to decide before you need to buy a license).

  • Take your time filling in your information during the set-up process. At this time you can also choose to import your library from Papers2.

  • When you're ready to buy a license, go to Purchase Papers License... from the Activate menu.

  • Or alternatively you can purchase a Papers upgrade in our online store following the same instructions:

  • Enter your personal details if Papers3 hasn't done this already for you, make sure they're correct and choose the upgrade license in the license type options on the right.

  • A sheet will come down in which you enter your Papers2 serial number. If Papers2 is installed on your Mac it will pre-fill the license number for you even. If the pre-filled sheet sheet starts with PAPER01 but you already have a Papers2 license you need to paste your P2-license number over the PAPER01 license key.

If you cannot retrieve your Papers2 serial number in this way, and you do not have it, you can request a reminder email within the form where you have to fill it in, by clicking on the "Lost License" button.

  • Next Papers will validate if the serial you entered is correct and will continue in either of two ways:

  • if you bought Papers after Aug 1. 2013 you will immediately be brought to the activation page and your serial number will be emailed to you. You will not have to pay nor enter your serial number.

  • if you bought Papers before Aug 1. 2013, you will be redirect to the store again but now the discounted price will be shown. You can then finish your purchase via Paypal.

Again, many thanks for your support. Enjoy Papers!

Upgrading a multi-user license

If you are upgrading a multi-user license, the process is exactly the same as for a single user license:

  • Enter your details
  • Immediately select "upgrade license"
  • Click on "Upgrade"
  • Enter your serial number for Papers1, from this our system will determine how many licenses you are upgrading
  • Complete your purchase to receive your new multi-user Papers3 license

NB: your original Papers2 serial number was sent by Papers Support. If you lost your email you can ask for a reminder email in the sheet where you have to enter it.

NB2: unfortunately we don't offer any additional student discount on top of the already discounted upgrade.

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