Activating your copy of Papers

This article explains how to activate Papers after you have purchased it. You can activate your copy of Papers on a maximum of three Macs or PCs at the same time.

This is how you activate your copy of Papers for Mac

  • If you purchased Papers using the built-in store within Papers 3, Papers is activated automatically upon purchase and you don't need to take any further actions in order to activate Papers.

  • On Papers for Mac choose Enter serial number to Activate... from the Activate menu.

  • This will bring up a sheet where you can either enter your Papers serial number or if you have bought a Papers subscription, your Papers account email address and password.

Activate with a Papers 3 serial number

  • Enter your Papers serial number in the textfield. Your Papers serial number should be in the format P3-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Activate with a Papers account

  • Enter you email address and password and click 'Sign In'

If you did not receive your P3 serial number after purchase please contact us and send us a copy of your receipt

If you only have a Papers1 or Papers2 serial number (which start with PAPERS) you will first have to upgrade it by following these instructions:

This is how you activate your copy of Papers 3 for Windows

Activate with a Papers 3 serial number

On Papers for Windows choose Activation from the Settings menu.

  • After you enter your serial number click Activate to activate your copy of Papers.

  • You can activate Papers 3 for Windows with a P2 or P3 serial number.

Activation requires an internet connection, see below if you don't have one

Moving to a new computer.

You can use the same Papers account or serial number to activate Papers on up to three computers (Mac and PC) at the same time. If you move to a new computer, follow the above steps to activate Papers on a new computer.

Manually activating your copy of Papers on your computer.

Activating your copy of Papers requires an active internet connection. If you don't have one, or your institute blocks our website, follow the instructions that are presented to you on a Mac by clicking the activate while holding the alt/option key, or on Windows by going to Settings Activate > Manual Activation. This will bring up a dialog explaining how to manually activate your copy of Papers.

You will need to save an activation request file that you can upload here from a computer with an internet connection. This then allows you to do download an activation code file and you need to bring back to your computer. On Papers for Mac drag the activation file onto the Papers icon and on Papers for Windows use the Import-button on the manual activation window to import the activation file. This should now activate the program.

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