You can drag and drop any library entry as a reference into most programs. One notable exception to this function is Word. Although it is still absolutely possible to use copy and paste to create a reference in Word for any of your articles in Papers, a direct drag and drop is technically still very difficult to implement because Word does not handle the pasteboard via drag-and-drop like other apps do.

While we are working on a solution for this, here are some ways you can still copy library entries as references into Word:

  • Select any article from your library
  • Right click, select 'Copy as -> Reference'
  • Paste into a Word document


  • Make sure your Preferences -> Papers has the setting: "Drag Papers as Reference" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select any article from your library
  • Command - C to copy
  • Use the Command - V function to paste it into a Word document

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