Windows settings crash for Papers users in Korea

We have encountered an issue related to the Windows settings for some of our users in Asia. This issue causes Papers to crash, but can easily be solved with the steps listed below. Unfortunately, because this relates to a setting on the user-level, we cannot do anything to remedy this on the development side.

If you are using a Korean localization of Windows, and you are experiencing a crash, it could be due to the Input Method Editor (IME) in Windows. Simply using IME 2010 will cause Papers to crash.

You can fix this problem by taking the following steps:

  • Navigate to Control Panels
  • Next access "Region and Language"
  • Then select the "Keyboard and Language" tab, and click "Change Keyboards"
  • Change your settings from Windows IME 2010 to just "Windows IME"

This should resolve the problem and allow Papers to run properly on your system.

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