What is the ReadCube Papers Enhanced PDF Reader (ePDF)?

The ReadCube Papers Enhanced PDF Reader is designed to provide an accessible, simple, and enhanced viewing experience for your academic content directly from our web/desktop apps. Our mobile apps also offer a mobile-friendly version of the reader as well.  

The guide below has been designed to walk new and veteran ReadCube Papers users through the various features available when viewing the content in the Enhanced PDF Reader. 

Informational Panel

Here you can view:

  • Notes
  • Attached Article Supplements (where available)
  • Article Figures
  • Metrics
  • Related Articles
  • Full Citation List
  • Export Options

In-Line Citations

Hover your mouse to pull up:

  • Author Information 
  • Inline References 
  • Inline Figures 

Viewer Settings

Navigate to the lower right-hand corner to adjust different viewer settings:

  • Zoom In and Out
  • Rotate the Article Orientation
  • Fit to Page
  • Page Thumbnails
  • Article Outline
  • Find text

Right-click Menu

Easily access different commands when you right-click over text:

  • Right Click on highlighted plain text

Screenshot of the right-click menu on the ReadCube Papers Web Reader

  • Right Click on Notes

Screenshot of right click menu on notes inside the ReadCube Papers Web Reader

If you have any issues with the Web Reader please contact us at ReadCube Papers Support.

Happy Reading!

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