How can I buy individual access to Wiley Online Journal articles using ReadCube Checkout?

ReadCube Checkout is now available for Wiley Online Journal customers to purchase instant access to individual articles that are otherwise unavailable through a personal or institutional subscription.  The below instructions explain how to make an article purchase using ReadCube Checkout:

1.) When you try to access a restricted full-text article, you will see the ReadCube Checkout options listed on the paywall page. The purchase options can include Rent, Cloud and PDF.

2.) Choose any of the three purchasing options.  To see a free first-page preview of the article in the ReadCube Web Reader, please click the "free preview" thumbnail image.

3.) After choosing a purchase option, create a new ReadCube Papers Account or log in with an existing one. During login or registration, you can also use your Facebook or Google account credentials to expedite this process. Please note that you need to use the same ReadCube Papers account (whether it was created with an email address, Facebook or Google) to log in to all of your ReadCube Papers apps in order for purchased articles to sync to those apps.  
4.) Enter your credit or debit card information as indicated by the checkout window, then choose "Review Purchase."
5.) Verify the purchase details, and click the "complete purchase" button to finish your transaction.

6.) After purchasing an article, you can access it with the options presented in the confirmation screen and when you return to the article paywall page. You will also receive an emailed receipt. The purchased article will automatically sync to any ReadCube Papers apps that you are logged in with the same account. In addition, you can review your purchase history and download receipts from your ReadCube Papers account page anytime.

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