Release Notes 01/28/2020

This release is a big one so we hope you enjoy!

The biggest part of this release is "Locate PDF" in the desktop app. This took a lot of time and energy to work so we hope you enjoy it.

Locate PDF

What is Locate PDF?

Locate PDF is one part of what our browser extension does on the web app. If you don't have that installed you should grab that from here. To keep it simple Locate PDF will try and find the PDF for references that don't have a PDF already attached to them. It searches to see if that PDF is Open Access and readily available. If it finds that PDF it will download it and add it to the reference for you as well as all supplements. While Locate PDF was finishing up we made the decision to expand this. Introducing:

Browse to PDF

When Locate PDF fails to find the PDF a new window will open to the site of the paper. You will then be able to try and find the PDF yourself either on the publisher site.

Simply browse to the PDF and the app will confirm if you want to download it.

The PDF will automatically be added to your library and uploaded to the cloud so you can access it on all of your devices.
We hope you enjoy this new feature and be sure to let us know what you think.

File management

Anytime you delete something from your library we have changed where those PDFs live. Instead of having to hunt those PDFs down so you can remove them from your hard drive we will create a folder called "Deleted From Library" and store all those PDFs there.

Another part of the library organization that we added is adding a running Bibtex of your libraries.

These bibtex files will only generate on login so you might need to logout and login to see them. For those that know bibtex and are looking to change the keys, you can add a citekey to the reference. Otherwise, we will put the DOI as the key for these items.
To help with exports we also added file location to both bibtex and ris exports.

Advanced Queries

Another highly requested feature we have implemented is better date queries. You can find more information on our advanced queries article which has been updated with these new ones. One aspect of this that we do want to point out is that this allows you to create a recently read or a recently imported Smartlist. For instance, a recently added query could look like added:>now-7d

PDF Settings

To make the app easier to continue where you left off we have implemented two features. The desktop will remember the size and position it was closed at and open in the same size and position. The second thing we have done is that after a PDF has been closed we will remember the position where you where and any settings you had on the PDF like double-page or fit the width.

Citation Panel Redesign

Last but not least we have redesigned the citation panel on PDFs. While you were always able to do a bibtex or ris export you can now choose your style.

To add onto this it will also remember your 10 most recent styles.

That's it for this release. Our developers are already hard at work on the next one and we can't wait to show up what's next.

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