Release Notes 04/3/2020

We hope everyone is safe and sound during this time. A new release today and we hope this makes researching where ever you may be a little easier.

EZproxy in the desktop:

We figured a lot of people are remote right now and might not have access to all the resources they are used to. One thing we added was automatic EZProxy to the desktop app. If you have a proxy configured on your account page we will automatically try and use it. First head to your account page on the web( and make sure you set up your "Institution". You will know you have the settings correct if under your institution it says "Proxy content access enabled"

Then press "Locate PDF" on a reference in the app. If the Locate PDF fails we will automatically try and use your proxy tied to your account. You will only need to login once and we will save your proxy for concurrent requests.

We also updated the extension to use a new "GetFTR" technology. You can read more about GetFTR here and download our extension here. The short story of it is that GetFTR is a technology that works with your institution and participating publishers to streamline access to full-text content. Note, GetFTR is currently in a pilot phase and not all institutions and publishers have been enabled just yet.

Tag Improvements

This took some work on our end but we finally have given you the option to delete a tag fully or rename it.
Deleting a tag will remove it from all papers.
Renaming a tag will rename the tag on all papers that it is a part of.
Let us know other improvements we can make to managing your library. To access this new functionality you can right-click and tag in your library or hit the gear next to it.

Right panel improvements
We made two changes to the right panel to improve its use. We added an "Edit" button that will let you edit the details/metadata without having to right-click a reference or hit the gear.

We also added a badge to the notes panel to let you know if you have annotations or notes on that paper. But what use is a badge if I can't see my annotations did you say? We are happy to release a built from scratch notes panel that will look the same in the reader as it does on the right pane of the main app. You can filter on that specific paper right on the main app using the filter. A lot of work went into this so we hope you enjoy the new functionality. 

Last but not least we gave you the ability to leave shared libraries by yourself. Anyone who is part of a shared library knows that before you required the Owner to remove you. You can do this by right-clicking any shared library or hitting the gear. Note that you can't leave a shared library if you are the only Owner on the shared library.

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