Troubleshooting Tips for SmartCite in Word: Can't Update Existing Bibliography

If you are having an issue UPDATING a bibliography for the first time, please try these following steps to troubleshoot. Before going down the rabbit-hole here, please ensure you also have updated your Word and SmartCite:

Issues: References are missing

1. Certain references are not being read properly by SmartCite. 

Click on the reference inline that seems to be missing from your bibliography…  do you see a box appear around the reference? If not, you will need to reinsert. This sometimes happens if someone edited the document with another tool or a section was copied and pasted. Once you re-insert the “flat” references, try updating the bibliography again.

Good :) = Box & Bubbles

Not Good :( = No box & No bubbles

Not Good :( = Box & No bubbles (learn more about this issue)

2. Another thing to look for is if any of your references are listed inside a table or text box. If there is, click on the blue tab on the left side of the reference box and drag it to the outside of the element.

3. If you see that most/all of the references fall into the "Good" category above, delete the bibliography (ensuring the whole box has been removed), and re-insert.

4. Have you recently added turned on track-changes, commenting and line-numbering? Those can interfere with the add-in script so turn those off and try re-updating bibliography.



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