Troubleshooting: My Papers 3 library transfer got stuck

If you've tried to use our library transfer tool and have seen it stall before completing, try a few troubleshooting tips:

  • In the top left menu, sign out of the importer (FILE > SIGN OUT), close the tool. Relaunch and sign back in again. This will ensure that you are on the latest version of the importer.
  • If you hit an error or see that all of your papers didn't come over,  re-run the importer a couple of times. Don't worry - you won't get a sea of duplicates.
  • If you have a large library and your library went to sleep - your import likely stalled when it went to sleep. Please rerun the importer and ensure Sleep Mode is shut off. You can follow these directions: Set sleep and wake times for your Mac

If you have tried the steps above and you still haven't been able to fully transfer your Papers 3 library over, you can upload your library (library.papers3) for one of our team members to review via this form. You'll have the option to share the dropbox link or upload the library directly.

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