When articles import into Papers they are automatically matched to the metadata so you know exactly what the article is. Sometimes, you may need to rematch metadata, which you can easily do by right-clicking the reference. You will see the different options below:

Edit Details

Edit Details will bring up the metadata editing pane, including the PDF preview so you can easily copy the fields to populate the reference.

Clear Details

Clear Details will erase all metadata from the reference. The name will revert back to the original download name. From here you can repopulate all the metadata fields or use Lookup Details to find a match.

Lookup Details

Lookup Details will automatically rescan the PDF to look for key identifiers. It will then give a selection of possible matches so you can accurately choose the correct metadata. If we can't find a match automatically, you can highlight parts of the title, author names, DOI etc. and help bring up the right article. If you are manually "helping", try to grab part of the title and one author surname. That is often all you need to find a match.

Update Details

Selecting Update Details will rerun the matcher and populate any missing metadata fields.

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