Release Notes 9/30/2020

Highlights of the release include:

  • Doi's for Citekeys - SmartCite for Citekeys update
  • Browser Extension Updates - Retraction support
  • Sort by notes column - Add additional sorting options
  • Edit Authors - Edit author names & order
  • Search Improvements - New type & color query
  • Metadata improvements - Locate PDF hints
  • Papers 3 Importer - Integrated Papers 3 Importer

If you were using SmartCite for citekeys before we know have support for DOI's to be used in the citekey and we will grab the metadata for you! Not sure what SmartCite for citekeys is? Take a peek here:
Browser Extension Updates
Our Browser extension got some additional updates as well. If you find an article that is retracted or withdrawn we will now show a warning on it. This is still in early development and we are working to flesh it out further but you can see the results below. This will not work on DOI's that are retraction notices. IE some publishers create new DOI's that are the retraction note. This will only work on articles where the DOI it's self is retracted.

Sort by Notes

On desktop and web, you can now sort by your notes column. We have added the option to click on the notes column to sort it or you can this do from the sort menu.

Edit authors 

The ability to edit authors has been introduced. This took some more work but you can now adjust the name of an author and edit the order the authors order easily.  We have also made this work on any field that has multiple names in the field(Editors, Inventors, contributors, etc.).
In addition, you can now edit the order of the tags on a paper. This won't affect anything as far as sorting or search results but if you always wanted a certain tag first you can now set this up easily.

Search Improvements

We have added two more options for search syntax to help people with advanced search needs. First up is the "type". You can now find the type of reference by using "type:". IE you can now search for type:article OR type:book. 

Next up is the color search option. You can search for your colors using color:red or if you want to find all papers with a color you could do _exists_:color. You can also use the non-american spelling of colour. However, there will be fewer fireworks.

Metadata Improvements

Our support queue had quite a few tickets about using the Lookup details. We have added some text to help users who are unsure of why they aren't getting results. Simply put if you do only a part of the title of the paper and then add in the last name of an author or two you should have much better luck looking up these kinds of papers. Let us know if you are still having trouble and our support team would be happy to help out.

Papers 3 Importer

For those of you that are joining us from Papers 3, you can now import your library by using our built-in Papers 3 importer. Instead of having a separate app we now have folded our new importer into the desktop app. This should streamline your import process. If you have trouble getting your Papers 3 library across please let us know by sending our an email. Don't see the option? Make sure Papers 3 is updated to the latest version and you are using a Mac computer.

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