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Email Paper Reference

- Add ability to email a reference to yourself or others. 

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This is only moderately useful. Instead, being able to export a pdf from the ReadCubePapers iOS app either to another app or mail would allow for much more flexibility that is needed in a group work environment like a research lab. This is more important when annotation, done on an iPad using Apple Pencil, is required to be shared.

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This is a MUST HAVE for collaborative work!

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would be really helpful to be able email references in an easy way!

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Would love this feature. Right now is there a way to quickly share a reference with a team member? Seems like I would have to manually download the pdf then email it. A quick share button should be added!

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We have implemented "Share by Email" on the web. Let us know what you think! We will be adding this in a future update to the IOS and Android apps.

Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons, we are no longer allowed to automatically attach the  PDF to email outside of the app. In the desktop app, you can right click and select "Show in Finder" to make it easier to locate the PDF should you want to manually drag PDF onto the email. 

I would love to have this feature, in particular the ability to email the pdf, on the desktop version. I used it all the time in the old Papers.

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... or simply have an easy way to copy the DOI link to the clipboard. 

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Not being able to email out of the app is crazy. The user is responsible for the copyright issues - this software is meant to organize *my* collection. How I got access to the .pdf is my business - not my reference organizer’s business. How do I send my annotations to a colleague? This will make me reconsider my plan to use ReadCube versus another vendor versus using Papers3 legacy product.

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I agree as well, working within an academic setting where everyone has access to the papers however with trainees to quickly share a paper without having to go through the various steps to access a paper is quite valuable.

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It's very frustrating not to be able to email the pdf directly from the desktop app. What took one step in Papers3 now takes multiple steps--locate the pdf in finder, open the file, share within Acrobat (or whatever), send email. Really disappointing loss of functionality compared with legacy version.

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We are still looking into this but the legal challenge is still there for us. We work very closely with publishers to get you the best Enhanced PDF and other metrics on the fly and we want to make sure this is done in such a way that works for publishers and customers at the same time.

Thanks. What puzzles me is that I can email anyone a pdf the old-fashioned way and accept that the copyright risk is mine. What's not clear is why it should be different if RC Papers creates the email with the pdf attached in one step, vs. requiring multiple steps to find and attach the file.

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The legal argument seems bogus.  If it's that much of an issue, how is it that most of your competitors and your legacy version manage to include this indespensable feature?


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If you have documentation or examples of competitors doing this please feel free to share but as far as we are aware most of our competitors do this exact work flow. This may have been a feature in the past but we no longer sell any product that provides this functionality.

To be clear. We are looking into a more elegant solution but for now the easiest method is to share PDF by Email in the share menu and if you wish to attach the PDF you can right click the reference and click show file(finder on mac) location and drag and drop the PDF into the email.

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