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SmartCite in other platforms

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- Scrivener

- Apple Pages

- Evernote

(In order of my personal needs)

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Yes please: otherwise this is a show-stopper for me. Serious scientists don't use MS Word!

+++ for Latex editors

I'd love to see a OS-wide tool like Magic Citations - being able to find a reference no matter what app you're in is easily the most useful part of Papers.

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Please , Magic Citations is the only way . I forget last I used MS Word , LATEX is my love.

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I add myself to the list of people, requesting this feature. Magic Citations is awesome and I do work with Scrivener. Hopefully, the desktop App of Papers will feature this again. Until then, all the great new piece of software (and I really like is so far) is of no use to me.

Will it be included?

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The current implementation of SmartCite does not work for me. I draft articles in Ulysses but ideally the citation format would support  plain text citations generally. Without more flexible citation support, I will have to look elsewhere.

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May sound silly, but it would be nice to see the support also in an older version of office, such as office 2013.

My university issued laptop, unfortunately, comes with that version of office.


Magic Citations or SmartCite for Ulysses and I'm all yours. Otherwise sticking with Papers 3

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Another vote for SmartCite support for Ulysses!  I get the need for Word support, but Ulysses support is a Day 1 requirement for me.

All I need is an ability to put in a cite-key through Ulysses (like Magic Citations), and I can do the rest in Word.

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Adding my +1 to being able to use SmartCite with both Ulysses and LaTeX.

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Adding SmartCite support for plain text editors (the way Magic Citations does for Papers)

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Add SmartCite support to Sublime text, Ulysses

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Yes - please create a Magic Citations tool for Mac. It was an essential component of Papers. I needed it just today.

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Yes that would be so useful!

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Magic citations / SmartCite for Scrivenner, please?!

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