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SmartCite in other platforms

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- Scrivener

- Apple Pages

- Evernote

(In order of my personal needs)

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Yes please: otherwise this is a show-stopper for me. Serious scientists don't use MS Word!

+++ for Latex editors

I'd love to see a OS-wide tool like Magic Citations - being able to find a reference no matter what app you're in is easily the most useful part of Papers.

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Please , Magic Citations is the only way . I forget last I used MS Word , LATEX is my love.

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Yes - please create a Magic Citations tool for Mac. It was an essential component of Papers. I needed it just today.

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Add please Smartcitation for readcube papers to Scrivener 3

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Magic citations / SmartCite for Scrivenner, please?!

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Magic citations for Scrivener please!

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There are a lot of Papers & Scrivener users out there, including me. To be able to upgrade to ReadCube Papers I need to still be able to cite in Scrivener, so this feature is critical.

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I add myself to the list of people, requesting this feature. Magic Citations is awesome and I do work with Scrivener. Hopefully, the desktop App of Papers will feature this again. Until then, all the great new piece of software (and I really like is so far) is of no use to me.

Will it be included?

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opening smart cite to other apps (pages, keynote, manuscripts, evernote...) is crucial, otherwise I cannot leave Papers 3 behind and get on board with readcube papers

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Adding SmartCite support for plain text editors (the way Magic Citations does for Papers)

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Need Magic Citations for Pages on Mac OS and Evernote desktop on Mac OS.  I avoid working in Word whenever possible.

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Adding my +1 to being able to use SmartCite with both Ulysses and LaTeX.

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Another vote for SmartCite support for Ulysses!  I get the need for Word support, but Ulysses support is a Day 1 requirement for me.

All I need is an ability to put in a cite-key through Ulysses (like Magic Citations), and I can do the rest in Word.

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The current implementation of SmartCite does not work for me. I draft articles in Ulysses but ideally the citation format would support  plain text citations generally. Without more flexible citation support, I will have to look elsewhere.

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