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Unsorted Folder

The Readcube Desktop version has an Unsorted Folder, while the Web version does not. 

This feature which helps identify  and efficiently tag articles with a common Keyword. 

This feature would be uniquely useful with the Readcube  Web app, because we could easily search the Unsorted Folder for key word, and easily tag the entire search results. We would be able to drag and drop the entire search list onto the desired Keyword, and save a lot of time tagging multiple articles one at a time.

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I miss this. It's useful to sieve loose references in the multitude you eventually gathered.

Exactly! Thank you Euler. It's very useful to have an unsorted folder. Sometimes, when retrieving articles, we don't have time to do the tagging and sorting into folders. The task of coming back to unsorted articles at a later and more convenient time is greatly enhanced by the "Unsorted folder", which ensures that no article is left untagged. Tagged and sorted articles are generally much easier to find,


Yes! Yes! Yes! Much needed consistency across devices with this topic. Unsorted Folder, please?!



Please add this!!!

This would be much needed

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