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PDF reader should remember “last read” position

The PDF reader should remember the page that is last viewed by the user when the app is minimized / switched away from, and return to that location when re-opened. It’s frustrating to have to navigate to a position in a 300 page book, for instance, after having responded to an email or text message. (This is also a feature in the Papers3 product line that should be ported over.)

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I agree.

I would add that this be possible also when, lets say, we are reading an article and on page 5 we decide to use the search function to find a word within the article, after seeing all the places the word appears via the search result list we can quickly go back to where we were reading in the article. I do this type of searching a lot, specially when coming across annotations and need to quickly find where it was used first in the article and see its definition. It would be helpful to quickly jump back to where I was reading.

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Remembering the last read position is crucial!


The most frustrating lack of feature in the current iteration of ReadCube Papers. Please, please, please FINALLY add this feature!

I'd also add that when Papers is closed and restarted, tabs from the last session should remain open.  

yes this is of high priority

Works now

This has been implemented on both the web and desktop.

When will this come to the iOS app?

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On the iPad version, this feature is complicated by the appearance of a menu that gives me more options than I need. When I tap on a hyperlink I'd just like to go to that location in the document, rather than being asked what to do again. The contextual menu that appears could be made to appear on a "long press" rather than a quick tap-untap which should just take me to the page reference. Please see below for


As for the Mac (desktop) version, the absence of a keyboard shortcut for this feature is also distracting (see below for an example).


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