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Always-On Highlighting

 Would be great to have an Always-On highlighting feature; when toggled, text that's selected will be automatically highlighted. It's frustrating when reading a document to have to click Highlight every time the text is selected. This feature is pretty much universal, in Adobe, Preview, OneDrive, and for good reason. Please consider implementing this, it speeds up reading and annotating significantly, and dramatically improves the user experience. It also makes using a stylus, like the Apple Pencil, a better experience, as you don't have to constantly tap the screen with your finger or the pencil after selecting text.

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 Have seen this is implemented already in OSX version; would be great also in the Web app.

 I fully agree - is there any progress in getting this done?

 Fully agree, this makes a big quality of life improvement

Hi, this feature is now implemented! 

When you select the Annotate button and your annotation tool (highlight, strikethrough, etc.) it will remain "always on" until you toggle the tool off.