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Search folders "Recently imported, Not on a list"

Similar to the "Recently read" folder of the "Flagged" folder I would like folders for "Recently imported" and "Not on a list".

When I add some references to my library without putting it on a list while importing it is often hard to see which reference I just imported.

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I second this

I was hoping for this feature too. I cannot find a lot of my documents when I import them, or only after time-intensive search of keywords.

It would be great to allow for filter/folder options similar to Papers on the recently imported folder (e.g., today, this week, past month, past year) or just incorporate these fields as parameters that can be used to create Smart Folders, so that we can create our own versions of these folders.

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Hi Everyone! This is now available on the web and desktop as search parameters. We have a lot of requests for this but could never get a consensus on the time frame so we left it in your hands to make it how you want.

You can do added:>now-30d to see the last 30 days of papers imported in a SmartList. We support days(d), months(M), years(y). This also supports last_opened if you wanted to create a custom one for last read. Let our support team know if you have any issues at

We are still working on the "Not on a list" part of this request

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Thanks Jacob, this works great! Hope the not-on-a-list part will come soon.

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yes, please keep working on that, the "not on a list" request is very important to avoid loosing time searching for papers buried inside the main big list.

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Thanks Jacob! Hope the "not-on-a-list" option will come too. It would help a lot organizing my library.

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Has this "Not on a list" feature become available?

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Displaying the lists in which the current paper resides would be extremely helpful. This should be visible in the first details pan next to the tags.

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Having "Not on a list" when creating a smart list it would be really useful indeed. 

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Sorry I still can't find how to search recently imported document to check that the metadata are working correctly and I will be able to find the pdf in the future.

Any update on "Not on a List" or even "not tagged" - that would be very helpful.

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There's a workaround using the bulk editing strategy that is explained online at

Tag all your articles already in lists with a specific tag (e.g. list - xxx). Perform a bulk export as described above. Identify all articles without the list-tag and give them another tag (e.g. list - notinanylist). Upload the csv file and drag the articles with the "list - notinanylist" to their specific lists.

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