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Web importer for Safari on MacOS

Readcube is great software for us to collect and read papers. But unfortunately, most of us use MacOS and Safari which is better performance in privacy protection and high-speed online browsing. We are eager to get web importer working on Safari as it is on Google Chrome, especially when the bookmarklet does not work any more.

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A must have...please implement!

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I agree, I just found out the bookmarklet in Safari ceased to work, and my "life" depends on it! Please implement one for Safari, I avoid Chrome like the plague...

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cannot agree more. thanks.

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 Yes.  Safari, or Firefox, or something else.  But being tied to Chrome for the full Readcube experience is less than desirable.

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Please head to How do I add the ReadCube Papers Extension to my browser support article for Chrome, Firefox and Edge extensions! Safari is on our roadmap to add.

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