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PDF preview panel like in Papers 3

In Papers 3, there was a preview panel that would appear as an possible viewing setting. 

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I agree with this comment.

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+1 would be great to have this again!

+1 it is a necessary feature. 

Next to the preview pane (one of the available views in Papers 3), it would also be nice if hitting the spacebar triggered quicklook (overlay). One should then be able to move to a quicklook of the next reference by hitting the arrow keys (up/down).

Please include this!  It is so useful for quick browsing and making sure you are looking at the proper article, WITHOUT having to go through multiple steps.

could be handy, but i personally preferred the quiclook function by pressing space.

i'm worried that in a webapp, an extra preview pane might fill the screen too much (there is already the part of the browser on top)

This is a must-have for those of us who come from Papers3. I hope it will be added soon.

+1, very important feature!

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