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Metadata Batch Editing

It would be fantastic if you could integrate batch editing of PDFs. This would save an incredible amount of Time, as I have hundreds of documents that I would be able to organize this way in seconds rather than hours. 

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Completely support this. It's such a pain to do same edits one after the other... Even color bullets cannot be batch-edited!!

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In the Type of document (Journal article, Presentation, Book section etc.), I would like that Poster is available; and i would like to deactivate some categories that, in my scientific life, I will never use (Patent being one of them)

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yes please add this feature this is essential for cleaning the Library

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yes please this would help immensely for importing several book chapters in edited books at once

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This would be a time saving update

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Please implement this suggestion. I have hundreds of cases saved in folders. Many share the same judge, court, and counsel. Individually editing the metadata would take forever plus a day. 

This would make my life so much easier.

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